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Introducing Nick, the founder of A Slice of Rome Pizzeria. He has a passion for authentic Italian pizza. With 30 years experience he's bringing the flavors of Rome to your neighborhood. 


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"A slice of rome is an excellent pizza place. There is a large variety of pizzas to choose from. The garlic knots are huge and very tasty. A very good experience to go along with very good food."
- Jeff


"A slice of rome is great. The regular slices are delicious and the sauce is great. They also have really good special slices. I highly recommend this place."

- Judy


"Great pizza place! Clean, friendly staff, and delicious food. The pepperoni pizza slice was a nice sized portion and very reasonably priced. Excellent quality New York style pizza!"


It’s All About The Pepperoni
Fresh. Hot. Delicious.

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By shredding the pepperoni, all the delicious taste from the meat compliments the other toppings, rather than making little pepperoni cups of grease.

Check out our menu to view all of our offerings. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you.